Our house is on fire

Laura Masotto


The track is an intense, hypnotic crescendo in which violin and electronic instruments interweave, creating a powerful emotional vortex. The electronic sounds are sourced directly from a distorted violin and surround the sonorities of the instrument, giving life to a climactic, romantic aperture through which we can glimpse the experimental future of a violinist capable of treating her instrument with courage and talent.

“This track came as a sort of epiphany. I have been very inspired by the incredible strength of Greta Thunberg and the power of her resistance. I see in this young woman the realisation of a solid resistance, the blossoming of a new hope. But despite the deeply moving feelings this new movement’s triggered in me, I couldn’t separate the fact that this is happening because we are already living in dark, critical times. It is already happening. This created a sort of duality in my mind, in which both light and dark are fighting each other, in a sort of perpetual motion. I wanted it out, as a statement on its own.” – Laura Masotto


Artwork: Alessandro Lugoboni


Catalogue No.

November 29, 2019

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November 29, 2019