In my chest



in my chest, Eleuteria

A four-track digital EP, ‘In my Chest’ is an immersive, captivating experience. The music focuses on two elements only: cello and voice. The vocal layer becomes an instrument itself that perfectly dialogues with the cello, giving life to the expression of a sentiment that arises from deep inside and conveys a desire of freedom. A liberating act that comes right from the artist’s chest.

The EP contains the reworks of three classical pieces of Beethoven, Vivaldi and Satie and one original piece entitled In My Chest. It is with extreme care, awareness and sensitivity that Eleuteria reworks the music of some of the greatest composers of all times.

The sounds sublimate a feeling of ataraxy, which is the output of profound confrontation with oneself. Eleuteria decided to defy all genres constriction and to give herself the possibility to be truly free in the composition and expression of her inner self.

An intimate work which literally gives voice to her intimate truth with courage and honesty. The cage opens up, the ribcage becomes an open aviary, her breath becomes wind, the voice can spread together with the sound of her cello. The result is a truly immersive and deeply enchanting EP, which unveils the strong, personal voice of a new talent.

“Classical music always had a prominent role in my personal and musical life. It always felt as a safe haven. During my studies at the Conservatory I felt that the kind of discipline that classical music required would have helped develop my own projects and compositions. I have always been aware that it would represent the starting point, the inspiration to create my personal voice.” – Eleuteria


Artwork: Alessandro Lugoboni


January 22, 2020

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