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Eleuteria is the alias of composer, cellist and singer Eleuteria Arena.

Eleuteria in greek means Freedom, and no better word could describe her.

Classically-trained, she soon started to perform by singing and playing the cello, creating an intimate voice-cello duet. 

She has composed music for film, installations and performances. Her revisited version of ‘La Llorona’ for the short movie Importante, molto importante by Alessandra Pescetta won best soundtrack at the Genova Film Festival in 2013.

She performed in several important Italian theaters including the Teatro Romano of Verona. She has supported artists such Roberto Cacciapaglia and Paolo Fresu. She has collaborated as a session musician as well as participating in live concerts with internationally renowned artists including the band O.R.k (formed by Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari, Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree, Carmelo Pipitone of Marta Sui Tubi).


Her first album entitled Brucierei il mare (Cramps Music/Thisplay Music, 2017) won the S’illumina prize of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage Award. The project blends the influences of her classical studies with authorial music and has emerged in the Italian music scene thanks to the peculiarity of its form. The LP was recognized with a number of awards including the Radio Deejay London Calling Award, the Radio Capital Critics’ Choice at Capitalent and the Audience Award at Musicultura Contest.

In her EP ‘In My Chest” , cello and voice intersect giving life to an in immersive, captivating experience. The EP contains the reworks of three classical pieces by Beethoven, Vivaldi and Satie as well as an original track.

“Classical music always had a prominent role in my personal and musical life. It always felt as a safe haven. During my studies at the Conservatory I felt that the kind of discipline that classical music required would have helped develop my own projects and compositions. I have always been aware that it would represent the starting point, the inspiration to create my personal voice.” – Eleuteria


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