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Multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, Andrea Faccioli started studying classical guitar at the age of nine and continued independently the study of the instrument, also approaching the electric guitar and folk guitar, deepening the finger picking technique. He is passionate about mechanical instruments, as well as folk chordophones such as Banjo and Cumbus (Turkish oud) and vintage instruments such as Autoharp, Bell Harp and Ukelin.

In the early 2000 he founded the indie rock bands Lecrevisse (Jestrai/Audioglobe) and Il Generale Inverno (Jestrai/Audioglobe). In the following years he dedicated himself to experimental music and improvisation with the bands Einfalt (El Gallo Rojo Records) and Å (Die Schachtel Records). His solo and instrumental project Cabeki started in 2010 and released three albums (Tannen Records/Brutture Moderne/Audioglobe). He is currently collaborating with several theatre companies, both as a composer and as a musician on stage, and with documentary and short film directors.


Over the years Andrea Faccioli collaborated with bands, musicians and songwriters of various musical backgrounds, including Andrea Belfi, Julia Kent and Stefano ‘Cisco’ Bellotti (former voice of Modena City Ramblers). He is currently the guitarist of Vasco Brondi (Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica) and Baustelle.

“The album represents for me a reflection on the false progress, on the sense of omnipotence that characterizes the human race, and of which we are now paying the consequences. Skyscrapers in the twentieth century were a symbol of power and greatness, like the towers in medieval cities, and of these probably only a few steel skeletons will remain.” – Cabeki


Cabeki, Da qui i grattacieli erano meravigliosi

Da qui i grattacieli erano meravigliosi